About Us

Founded in 2008, the Lexington Bee Co. is a female-owned small business located in Lexington, Massachusetts, the first Bee City in the state. Working in conjunction with the Lexington High School Bee Club, we empower like-minded young individuals of all backgrounds to raise awareness on environmental science with honeybees, the worldwide threat on these pollinators, and the conservation of the species.

Functioning similar to a non-profit, the majority of proceeds from our beloved hand-made products supports student education. Students immerse themselves in the exploration of bees through hive work, research, and hands-on activities.

We are also heavily involved in our local community by participating in the Lexington farmers' markets, presenting educational and demonstrative presentations, offering beekeeping services, and providing wholesale service to other organizations such as the Lexington Visitors Center, Wilson Farms, Crafty Yankee, and many more.

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Have questions? Email us at beemail@lexingtonbee.com.