THE SUNDAY SCOOP 03/28/21: Packaging, Constructing, and Extracting

Because today's weather was cold and rainy, all the helpers split up into groups and worked either in the garage, wood room, or the bee room. In the garage, members took on packaging sunflower growing kits (which are being sold right now!).

In the woodwork room, hive frames for deep supers were being constructed.

In the bee room, a couple of helpers extracted honey by scraping beeswax caps from the honey-filled frames. Below is a picture of the 80 degree bee room with a stash of deep supers that are either ready for extracting or finished with the extracting process. In the far left corner, you can see the electric honey extractor, a cylinder machine that uses centrifugal force to spin out honey without damaging the honey combs.

Here is a close-up picture of the electric honey extractor when it's not in the process of spinning honey! Alix displayed the set-up of adding the frames into the extractor and had the machine working during the shift.

Towards the end of the shift, I brought out a deep super (hefty hive box with ten frames) from the bee room to the garage. All of the frames from the deep super finished the extracting process.

Lastly, everyone sampled Alix's chocolate almond honey biscottis, which were bee-yond incredible! Lex. Bee Co. currently is not selling the biscottis on the website, but will be selling them at the farmers' markets, which you don't want to miss! To learn more information about this year's farmers' markets, visit the Bee Co. Farmers' Market 2021 news posting on our website.

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Written by: Marina Chen