THE SUNDAY SCOOP 04/11/21: Honey Jarring, Hive Construction, and More!

Today was a major workday for Bee Club members. In the bee room, lots of honey were being jarred:

Our local honey is one of Lex. Bee Co.’s best-selling products, and they run out fast! Make sure to get your hands on some of our honey before supply runs out! 

In the wood room, two of our handy helpers were building an observation hive:

The observation hive will be part of Alix's Belmont elementary school presentations in the spring - so exciting! Here is a close-up of the finished product: 

The rest of the members were in the garage creating beeswax wraps. Alix had two pots containing hot wax as well as stacks of beautifully patterned cotton cloth. The helpers dipped large and small sheets of cloth in the hot wax and hung them on a hanger to dry, creating our beloved beeswax wraps! Here is a close-up photo of a beeswax wrap that is in the process of drying:

If you look closely, the detailed pattern features little bees! These beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to the clear plastic food wraps that are extremely harmful to the environment. Our beeswax food wraps are not only thick, flexible, and reusable, but they are also made of the cutest patterns! 

During the shift, Alix was also baking delicious vanilla honey muffins, which everyone had to sample. Lex. Bee Co. currently is not selling these muffins on the website, but will be selling them at the farmers' markets, which you don't want to miss! To learn more information about this year's farmers' markets, visit the Bee Co. Farmers' Market 2021 news posting on our website.

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Written by: Marina Chen