THE SUNDAY SCOOP 04/18/21: Housekeeping!

This Sunday was mostly a housekeeping day with a to-do list of miscellaneous and organizational work. A few Bee Club members helped construct four tall storage shelves: one in the office room, two in the bee room, and one in the basement. Although the shelves were easy to build, they required a lot of teamwork. 
Alix also needed help with packaging the honey tea stirrers. Here is a close-up photo of the finished batch of packaged tea stirrers: 
You'll notice that the Lex. Bee Co. brand sticker on each stirrer looks like a cute little flag! Our honey tea stirrers have the intricate shape of a bee and are the sweetest compliment to your warm drink. They are also the cutest kitchen decoration!
While some of the helpers were in the office doing website updates, others were in the basement helping organize Alix's hefty collection of mason jars, which she uses to feed sugar water to the bees during the winter. The mason jars were stored in large bins, which were placed on the newly built shelf!
Alix kindly made her yummy chocolate almond honey biscottis again (they were amazing as always). Lex. Bee Co. currently is not selling the biscottis on the website, but will be selling them at the farmers' markets, which you don't want to miss! To learn more information about this year's farmers' markets, visit the Bee Co. Farmers' Market 2021 news posting on our website.

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Written by: Marina Chen